Submitting school annual reports

​​All schools must provide their annual report to be published on the State Register.

The Department of Education and Training and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria manage the process of submitting these reports to us for their respective schools.

Independent schools should email a Word and PDF version of their report directly to us at:

The report is due no later than 31 August should include:

  • a description and analysis of student learning outcomes in state-wide tests and examinations for the current year (or for the last two years if the school has been established that long)
  • a description and analysis student attendance rates for the year
  • a report of the school's financial activities
  • copies of any other reports the school is required to prepare for the school community under any funding agreements with the State or Commonwealth governments.

Why and where do we publish annual reports

The Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 state that a registered school must make information concerning its performance available to the school community at least once a year.

To find a copy of a school's annual report, see: