Enrolling international students

Victorian CRICOS schools can now support their international students through online and remote learning arrangements. For more information, see:

Any school or non-school provider wanting to enrol international students must go through a two-part approval and registration process.

First, you must apply to the VRQA for approval to deliver a course to an approved number of international students at a specific location. Approval may be granted for up to five years.

Once approved, you must be registered as a provider on the Commonwealth Department of Education's Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

CRICOS lists all the Australian education institutions that recruit, enrol and teach international students. CRICOS registration allows you to offer specific courses to overseas students studying in Australia on student visas.

A school cannot not advertise, or offer to provide a course to student visa holders, or enrol a student visa holder unless it is registered on CRICOS.

For more information, see: