Guidelines for international education

Guidelines for enrolling overseas students

The Guidelines for the Enrolment of Overseas Students Aged Under 18 have been amended to incorporate the regulation of school boarding premises from 18 June 2021.

All schools and school boarding premises that have full fee-paying students on student visas (subclass 500) must meet certain requirements for their accommodation.

A school must make all reasonable enquiries and be satisfied that the student will be at least 13 years of age at the time of commencing in homestay accommodation before:

  • entering an agreement or arrangement for the provision of homestay accommodation to an international student; or
  • issuing a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation Welfare (CAAW) form to the Department of Home Affairs in circumstances where homestay accommodation will be provided to an international student.

The Guidelines supplement and clarify the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code) which commenced on 1 January 2018.

They also incorporate the Victorian Child Safe Standards.

An evidence guide is also available to help schools navigate the guidelines, clarifying which roles and functions schools can and cannot contract out.  

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Guidelines for VCAL courses to international students

Before your school or organisation can be approved to provide the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) to international students, it must demonstrate that:

  • students and parent/s of students aged under 18 years are provided with current and accurate information about the course including:
    • up-to-date and accurate information on the outcomes for (domestic) students who have been enrolled in VCAL with the provider. The information should indicate the completion rates and pathways for students who complete the certificate, and those who do not complete
  • the VCAL course will be provided in a manner consistent with the requirements of the relevant Department of Home Affairs student visa conditions that apply to international students.

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Guidelines for overseas secondary student exchange organisations

To become a VRQA-approved SEO, organisations must comply with the Guidelines for Student Exchange Programs.

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For information regarding the approval​ of Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations, see: