School boarding premises regulation

From 18 June 2021, school boarding premises operating in Victoria must be registered with the VRQA and meet the school boarding minimum standards. To learn more about the definition of a school boarding premises, and the minimum standards for registration, see:

Register a school boarding premises

To apply to register a school boarding premises you must complete the required forms and provide evidence to demonstrate your compliance with the minimum standards. To begin your application, see:

Readiness tool

Our school boarding premises registration readiness tool can help you:

  • self-assess your readiness to apply to register
  • self-assess your readiness for a review
  • identify areas for improvement.

To download the tool, see:

Amend an existing registration

To amend an existing school boarding premises registration, see:

We have prepared evidence checklists to assist you with two kinds of amendment:

Change religious or other affiliation

To change the religious or other affiliation of your school boarding premises, see:

Other forms

Other forms related to the registration and regulation of school boarding premises: