School boarding premises minimum standards and guidelines

The school boarding minimum standards

From 18 June 2021, certain types of student accommodation must register with us and meet the school boarding minimum standards.

The school boarding minimum standards set out in the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017, are:

  1. Compliance with Worker Screening Act 2020
  2. Acceptance policy
  3. Register of students
  4. Record of location of students
  5. Care, safety and welfare of students
  6. Buildings, facilities and grounds
  7. Governance
  8. Philosophy of provider of school boarding services
  9. Information on performance of school boarding premises to be available
  10. Provider of school boarding services must comply with Act and Regulations
  11. Provider of school boarding services must comply with conditions of registration
  12. Provider of school boarding services must have policies, procedures, and suitable arrangements in place
  13. School boarding services must be provided in accordance with scope of registration.

The school boarding minimum standards align closely with the minimum standards and requirements for school registration. They also somewhat align with the AS 5725:2015 Boarding Standard for Australian Schools and Residences (the Australian Standards).

The guidelines

The Guidelines to the Minimum Standards and Requirements for School Boarding Premises Registration (the Boarding Guidelines) provide guidance on how to comply with the school boarding minimum standards:

They outline the evidence required and regulatory context for the registration of school boarding premises. The Boarding Guidelines also show where schools may adapt or expand existing school policies and procedures to demonstrate compliance.

We have updated other guidelines to incorporate the regulation of school boarding premises, see:

If you have questions about these guidelines contact: