How to register or re-register

​New registration – what you need to do

Extensive planning is required to apply for registration as a new training organisation.

Before submitting an application, check the requirements for registration and then determine your organisation's scope of registration. Some types of courses require additional approvals from third-party agencies.

For details on how to prepare and submit an application, see:

All applicants must attend a pre-registration session.

The sessions explain the 2 phase audit process used to assess applications. Audits can take between 6 to 9 months to complete. Upcoming sessions are listed on our events page.

Your application will also need to satisfy the principal purpose requirement (PPR).

For more information, see:

Re-registration – what you need to do

We have changed our re-registration process in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If your organisation's registration is due to end, we will send you an invoice for re-registration 8 months beforehand.

If you wish to re-register, you must:

  • pay the invoice in full
  • send us a completed re-registration application form (Form D)
  • attend a re-registration workshop. 

We have prepared a guide to help with the application form. For a copy of the form and its guide, see:

Please be aware your organisation will be audited as part of the re-registration process. For information about the audit process, see:

If your registration ends:

  • you will not be able to promote or offer nationally-recognised training, or issue any qualifications or statements of attainment
  • all information about your training organisation will be removed from the State Register
  • your RTO status will change to 'non-current' or 'cancelled' on the national  register of vocational education and training organisations and courses,

Registration and re-registration fees

Fees are charged at different stages of the registration and re-registration processes. RTOs also need to pay an annual fee.

The total cost of registering with the VRQA will depend on the number of sites and the number of qualifications. Expect to pay at least $13,300–$15,000, not including expenses associated with starting up a business.

Use our fee calculator to estimate how much it will cost either to register or to re-register your organisation.

Note: annual and re-registration fees for existing eligible RTOs are waived until 31 December 2021 under Ministerial Order 1337.

For more information, see:

Fit and proper person declaration

Directors, senior officers and substantial shareholders of RTOs who are in a position to influence the management of the organisation must satisfy fit and proper person requirements.

RTOs can complete a form as evidence that they meet these requirements: