Assessment of submission


What you need to know

Two VRQA-approved accreditation advisers, who were not involved in developing or writing the course, must review your course accreditation submission. .

​ For a list of accreditation advisers, see:

The advisers will work together to provide a report on the course within 10 working days of receiving the final draft submission. The report will detail any amendments required to meet accreditation standards.

Once the amendments have been made and verified, the accreditation advisers will sign the report. At this point, the submission must go to an accreditation panel for review.

The panel needs to include:

  • the 2 accreditation advisers who reviewed the course
  • one representative of the relevant industry, education or community sector. This representative may have been a member of the steering committee.

It is up to the developer of the course to:

  • arrange a time for the panel to meet to review the submission
  • take minutes of the meeting.

Accreditation panel meeting

You should send the submission to panel members at least 5 working days before they meet, together with a meeting agenda:

There should be at least one person at the meeting representing the course developer, who can answer questions about the course, and record the minutes. The chairperson of the accreditation panel will need to sign the minutes:

At the meeting, the accreditation panel will:

  • review the course accreditation submission against the AQTF Standards for Accredited Courses
  • ensure the proposed course title and level comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework insurance policy
  • recommend to the VRQA whether the course should be accredited and the period of accreditation.

The accreditation period is between one and 5 years. The panel may recommend that accreditation be deferred. If so, it will specify any required changes to the course and set a date for the panel to meet again.

For more on the relevant standards and guidelines, see:

For the next step in the VET accreditation process, see: