Amending scope of registration using Form B

Application form—Form B

You can apply to change the scope of your registered training organisation's (RTO's) registration using Form B:

The form can be used to:

  • add new or non-equivalent training package products or accredited courses to your scope
  • add equivalent training package products without a standing application to your scope.

When adding new or non-equivalent products, make sure you check how much it will cost. You can use our fee calculator to work out an estimate.

RTOs with a standing application will automatically have the superseded training package product added to their scope of registration.

Note:  All Training and Education (TAE) Training Package Products must be applied for using a Form B,  whether they are equivalent or not. RTOs are required to submit evidence of readiness to deliver training as outlined in the form and all TAE amendment of scope applications are subject to an external audit. 

For more information, see:

Adding new or non-equivalent training package products or accredited courses

Please complete Form B and provide evidence that your organisation is ready to deliver the training.

This evidence may include:

  • an appropriate training and assessment strategy
  • facilities
  • resources
  • appropriately qualified trainers and assessors
  • fully developed assessment tools for all units you intend to deliver.

Please make sure you have obtained any additional approvals for the items being added to your scope before submitting your application.

To check if you need approval form another organisation, see:

You will also have to meet training package or accredited course requirements for the courses and units of competency already on your scope of registration. We will not process applications if there are outstanding non-compliance issues.

Submitting your application

Please complete the application and email it to:

Application fee

A non-refundable fee applies to all applications. You can pay the fee online by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), BPAY or by Postbillpay.

To view the current fee or pay online, see:

An application is only considered complete once the fee has been paid.

Assessing your application

We assess applications using a proportional risk-based approach. Based on the risk profile of the RTO and the items being added the scope, an assessment may involve a desk review or a site audit.

A desk review takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date the application fee is paid.

We will thoroughly review your evidence to make sure your organisation has sufficiently demonstrated it can deliver and assess the scope items, in line with the requirements of the training package or accredited course.

You will also need to meet the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework's (AQTF's) Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration, and the VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers. 

To read these documents, see:

If we require a site audit for your application, we will let you know via email. A contracted VRQA auditor will contact you to schedule a date. You must be able to provide evidence of readiness if requested to do so by us or one of our auditors.

Outcome of application

If your application is granted, we will send you a list of the approved scope item(s).

On approval, your scope of registration will be updated on the state and federal training registers:

If your application is not successful, we will provide you with reasons for the decision.  

Adding equivalent training package products without a standing application

Please complete Form B and to email it to:

There are no fees for applying to add equivalent training package products to your RTO's scope of registration.

Similarly, you do not need to submit any evidence that you organisation is ready to deliver the training, provided the application is made within the training package transition period.

The transition period for an equivalent training package product is 12 months from the package's release date, as published on

Applications made after the end of the transition period will attract a fee and will require you to provide evidence.

For the latest transition periods, see:

Removing items from your scope of registration

Please complete the relevant sections of Form B and email it to:

If you wish to remove a training package product from your RTO's scope of registration, or you no longer have the capacity to deliver them.

There is no charge for removing items from your scope of registration.

For other ways to amend your registration, see: