Student exchange visas and forms

Visa requirements

International exchange students enter Australia on a subclass 500 student visa with a specific exchange student statistical code. We issue each exchange student with a visa document, known as the Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) form, through their student exchange organisation (SEO).

The exchange student is enrolled at the school to study formal subjects at age appropriate levels. Typically, student exchanges operate at Year 10 level.

Exchange students do not pay school tuition fees, and host families volunteer to provide accommodation.

Exchange Student Forms

Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student form

We issue exchange students, through their SEO, an Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form. Exchange students use this form as part of their student exchange visa and immigration documentation.

The AASES form is used to process student visas and to enrol exchange students in Victorian schools. It is evidence that the exchange student's parents have authorised their child's participation in the exchange program and enrolment at the school. It also confirms that the SEO has accepted responsibility for the welfare of the exchange student while they are in Australia.

A school should only enrol exchange students who have an AASES form. AASES forms are VRQA-branded and have a unique AASES number, for example V18/1234.

SEO forms

To notify us of any changes to an exchange student's program, see:

To transfer your program from interstate, see:

For non-school SEOs requesting acceptance advice for new inbound exchange students, see:

For school SEOs requesting acceptance advice for new inbound exchange students, see:

To provide us with the details of new outbound exchange students, see:

To update the VRQA on SEO registration or contact details, see:

For a change of principal executive officer, complete a declaration to accompany the updated SEO details form:

See also: