Managing your apprentice or trainee

As an employer of apprentices or trainees, you must provide on-the-job training that gives them the opportunity to learn all the skills related to their trade or occupation.

On-the-job training must be provided by a suitably qualified or experienced person, and you must give the apprentice or trainee the chance to learn how to use the tools and equipment commonly found in their trade or occupation.

You must provide hands-on experience in a wide range of relevant tasks, covering all the competencies set out in their training plan.

Employer checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you are meeting all the regulatory requirements for employing an apprentice or trainee.

If you agree with every checklist item, the apprenticeship or traineeship is likely to be progressing well.

If you disagree with a checklist item or you are unsure, you can ask for advice from your apprentice or trainee’s training organisation or your Apprenticeship Network provider, or contact us.

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1. Training contract 

▢ Within 3 months of commencing the training contract, I have enrolled my apprentice or trainee with a registered training organisation.

2. Training plan

▢ I have negotiated and signed a training plan with my apprentice or trainee and the registered training organisation, and have a copy of the training plan.

▢ I have made sure the training plan says what training will be delivered and when (this can be on-the-job, off-the-job or a combination).

3. Workplace supervision

▢ I have made sure that a suitably qualified or experienced person with relevant knowledge and skills is available to oversee the apprentice or trainee's progress against the training plan.

▢ I am supervising my apprentice or trainee in a way that is appropriate for their skill level.

4. Workplace facilities and equipment

▢ I have the appropriate facilities and equipment to help my apprentice or trainee to gain the necessary skills to complete the apprenticeship or traineeship.

5. Work tasks

▢ I provide the apprentice or trainee with work that is relevant to their vocation and supports them to achieve their qualification.

6. Competency based completion

▢ I am aware that my apprentice or trainee can progress through their apprenticeship or traineeship at a rate that reflects their skills development, rather than a specific timeframe.

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7. Industrial awards

▢ I am paying my apprentice or trainee under an appropriate industrial instrument.

The Fair Work Ombudsman provides information about apprentice or trainee pay rates. For more information, see: