Changes to approved training schemes

The VRQA changes approved training schemes based on:

  • an update to a training package, where qualifications may have been added, superseded or removed
  • a request to have a qualification approved as an apprenticeship or traineeship, which has not been approved previously
  • aligning apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria with those available in other states and territories
  • changes to Department of Education and Training or VRQA policies.

To enquire about changing an existing approved training scheme, or getting a new qualification approved as an apprenticeship or traineeship in Victoria, please:

  1. Lodge an general enquiry through our website.
  2. Select the type of the enquiry as 'Approved Training Schemes'.
  3. Provide details of the requested changes, including the name of the qualification or qualifications involved.

We will then contact you to explain the next steps in the approval process and seek further information, if necessary.

There are no fees applicable to the training schemes approval process.

To lodge a general enquiry, see: