Kickstarting a hairdressing career

Lynn was feeling stressed. She didn't have enough staff at her hairdressing salon and the jobs were piling up. Instead of hiring another hairdresser, Lynn thought it was a better idea to bring in an apprentice. It would be a great opportunity for someone, they could learn about the business by helping her with the jobs and she could help train them to be a qualified hairdresser.

Lynn contacted the Apprenticeship Network provider in her area and gave them the required information so she could be an approved employer. Before long, she was signing a training contract with Kayla.

Kayla wanted a career where she could be creative and interact with a wide variety of people every day. Hairdressing seemed like a good fit. She had signed up with Lynn and couldn't wait to get started. In the beginning, she was working closely with Lynn and the other hairdressers, getting a feel for a day in the life of the salon and all the jobs that had to be done.

Kayla got a lot of value from learning on the job, but Lynn knew it was important that Kayla spend time with her RTO to build her skills. Lynn made sure she followed the agreed training plan, so Kayla had the right balance between learning at the salon and at the RTO.

Kayla's enthusiasm impressed Lynn, especially since it affected the customers who were excited about the salon's services and products. She made sure Kayla was involved in every aspect of day-to-day work, from greeting customers and assisting with their treatments, to maintaining a safe and healthy environment, and processing payments.

Kayla was happy to be learning so many new skills from Lynn. Sometimes it was challenging. Kayla had never used point-of-sale software before, and was a little bit intimidated at first, but everyone in the salon was so supportive she got over her nerves and now she can use the software easily.

One day the Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services (VAFS) officers contacted Kayla, and they arranged a time to visit Lynn's salon. They checked that both Lynn and Kayla were meeting their obligations in the training contract.

After talking with Kayla, they thought that she might be ready for some more complex duties, so they gave Lynn some suggestions about how to extend Kayla's skills. Lynn was grateful for the suggestions because she wanted to help Kayla take full advantage of further learning opportunities.

Kayla's skills and knowledge grew because of the trust and collegiality from Lynn and the other hairdressers, and she felt much more confident dealing with customers. Most importantly she was an active and recognised member of the team. Lynn had found a solution to her problem, and Kayla had found her career.