Past news stories

News stories from 2019

RTOs must be copyright compliant

Ensure you have the relevant permissions in place when using teaching materials.

Update your details when things change

​If your child is registered for home schooling, keep us up-to-date. 

Child safe culture research published

​Insights gained from schools with child-safe cultures.

What does the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee do?

The VHEAC provides guidance, information and feedback on home schooling regulation.  

Learning through cultural and religious events

​You can address the learning areas by exploring cultural events. It can also be a lot of fun!

Virtual School Victoria fee exemptions

​VSV (formerly Distance Education Victoria) no longer charges fees for direct Year 10 or VCE enrolments.

Student identification for home educated children

​Your child’s registration notice is their primary evidence they are home schooled.

How to cancel your child’s home schooling registration

​If you’re starting a new chapter, tell us as soon as possible.

MOU with WorkSafe Victoria

​Outlines our common understanding and information sharing arrangements.

Exchange students must declare every citizenship

​Update your application forms to ask students about all citizenships they hold.

MOU with the Victorian Institute of Teaching

​Our collaboration, information sharing and mutual assistance is outlined in this agreement.

Options for help with writing a learning plan

​If putting put pen to paper is difficult, these options could help.

Student assistance for undelivered courses

​Practical help available when an education provider closes.

Language learning at home

​Here are some practical ideas to help get you started.

Leave photos of your child out

​To protect your family’s privacy, don’t add photos of your child to your learning plan or review material.

Home education activities in the school holidays

​Make the most of what’s on offer in your area!

The dos and don’ts of applications and learning plans

Follow these tips to get them right the first time.

What is GTO recognition?

The group training organisations we recognise are compliant with the National Standards.

MOU with the Labour Hire Authority

Our information sharing arrangements and procedures are set out in this agreement.

Meet the home schooling team

​Our team members have a diversity of learning and educational backgrounds. They also love to travel! 

Get home education news on Facebook

​Like us on Facebook to get updates and resources for your home schooling family.

MOU with Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

​This agreement sets out arrangements with CECV as a school review body.

Updated independent school review readiness tool

​Use this tool to assess your school’s compliance with the minimum standards.

VAGO report on child safe standards

​We welcome this opportunity to reflect on the implementation of child safe standards in schools.

School Compliance Framework released

​The framework explains our approach to monitoring school compliance through school reviews.

Memorandum of understanding with Victorian Skills Commissioner

​We will work together to improve Victoria’s training system.

Watch: review information session

​Everything you need to know about what’s involved in a review of your child’s home schooling registration.

Home schooling and funded VET courses

How to enrol your child in a government-subsidised vocational course.

Apply now for trade papers

​Completed an apprenticeship? You can now apply for a certificate to recognise your achievement.

Linking home schooling families to support and services

​A range of resources for home educating families who have a child with additional needs.

Privacy in the post

​Why our home schooling letters are impersonal.

Guidelines to the Minimum Standards – understanding not-for-profit

When the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 commenced, the not-for-profit requirements were significantly strengthened. Here’s what you need to know.

Guidelines to the Minimum Standards – enrolment policy requirements

​Evidence requirements for the enrolment policy standard expanded to specify what a school's enrolment policy should include.

Guidelines to the Minimum Standards – understanding governance

Updated Guidelines taking effect on 1 July 2019 for all Victorian registered schools. Here's what you need to know about the changes to the Governance standard.

Navigating changes to school evidence requirements

​Our factsheet will help schools navigate the changes in the updated Guidelines to the Minimum Standards for Victorian registered schools.