Memorandum of Understanding with Energy Safe Victoria

On Friday 21 April 2023, VRQA Chief Executive Officer (Director) Jonathan Kaplan signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) Chief Executive Officer, Leanne Hughson.

ESV is Victoria's independent safety regulator for electricity, gas and pipelines. ESV's role includes licensing Victoria's electrical workers, registering electrical contractors, and monitoring and enforcing compliance with Victorian electricity safety legislation and regulations.

The purpose of the MOU is to enable the VRQA and ESV to collaborate more effectively on achieving electrical safety for apprentices and their employers. The VRQA and ESV will continue to work together to provide the Victorian community with confidence in the safety of electricity, employer engagement and supervision of apprentices.

The MOU will:

  • promote effective communication, cooperation and coordination between the organisations
  • help ensure the quality of education and training provided by registered training organisations (RTOs) to apprentices in the Victorian electricity sector
  • improve communication to apprentices and their employers about electricity safety and legislation
  • coordinate the approach to addressing concerns about the performance or conduct of RTOs or employers of apprentices.

To read the full MOU, see: