New Child Safe Standards resources for non-school providers

New Child Safe Standards resources for non-school providers ​We have published guidance and resources to support non-school senior secondary and foundation secondary providers to comply with the new Child Safe Standards. 

Hosted on the platform, we have created this resource so that non-school providers have dedicated regulatory advice that reflects their unique education settings.

The website features tailored information for each Standard as well as a compliance checklist.   

We encourage non-school providers to visit the website to find out what they must do:

Non-school providers have already been working to keep children safe, however the new Standards have some additional requirements. They include a greater focus on:

  • keeping Aboriginal children safe and celebrating their unique cultural identities
  • involving parents, carers, families and communities in child safe policies and practices
  • managing risk in online environments.

Non-school providers registered to deliver senior secondary or foundation secondary courses will need to amend or develop specific policies and procedures. Our guidance outlines the minimum requirements and what non-school providers need to know to meet the new Standards.