Building Equality Policy

The Victorian Government has introduced the Building Equality Policy (BEP) to create training and employment opportunities for women through government procurement on building, infrastructure, civil engineering and any other capital works projects.

The BEP seeks to disrupt the existing gender stereotypes, norms and roles in the construction sector. It is comprised of 3 actions that seek to address the structural and cultural barriers women face:

  • action 1 — meet project-specific gender equality targets
  • action 2 — engage women as apprentices and trainees
  • action 3 — implement Gender Equality Action Plans

The VRQA determines which qualifications are available as apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. It also registers apprentices and trainees, approves their employers and ensures all parties meet their training contract obligations.

Building Equality Policy​A data-informed approach is essential to reach the goal of reducing these barriers to women's workforce participation entry. That's why the VRQA will be providing data to the BEP in several key focus areas, including:

  • participation
  • skills gaps
  • rate of completion.

The data and analysis that VRQA provides will assist the Victorian Government to compile reports and communications, develop guidance and monitor the progress of the BEP. It will help identify and address barriers to participation and completion for women apprentices and trainees.

An increase in the number of women apprentices and trainees in the construction industry will ensure that there is a diverse pipeline of qualified women in the future. This will see more women participating in all aspects of construction, from hands-on trades to management and specialist positions.

Having diverse skills, knowledge and perspectives will promote innovation and boost the confidence of investors. It will also support the state's economy and infrastructure now, and into the future

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