Employer’s approval to hire and train apprentices revoked

The VRQA regularly uses its enforcement powers.We recently revoked the approval of a roof tiling business to employ apprentices in Victoria. We did this because our investigations revealed an apprentice at the business was not enrolled at a registered training organisation (RTO), despite being employed for over 3 months. This means the apprentice was not progressing towards the completion of their qualification.

Employers must meet the obligations set down in the training contract they enter with an apprentice. It is a requirement of every training contract that apprentices be enrolled at an RTO that delivers them off-the-job training for their qualification.

As Victoria's apprenticeship and traineeship regulator, we enforce the requirements of training contracts, as well as other requirements detailed in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. Where we find instances of non-compliance, we have the power to investigate and intervene.

Employers have an important role to play in the safety and careers of apprentices and trainees. We publish a range of resources to help employers meet their obligations and stay compliant.

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