We hear you – client and stakeholder research findings

2021 Client and stakeholder research report ​Findings from our 2021 client and stakeholder research indicate most clients and stakeholders continue to be supportive of the VRQA's performance and of its role throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The home education sector in particular provided extremely high ratings on the VRQA's performance. Among other education providers, such as schools and registered training organisations (RTOs) the VRQA and its key regulatory functions continue to be viewed positively.

In absolute terms, all key service and satisfaction ratings for the VRQA remain high. Over 9 in 10 schools, RTOs, and stakeholders consider the VRQA to be an effective regulator.

However, 2021 was once again challenging for the VRQA and the sectors it regulates. Results showed a decline in some key metrics and highlighted opportunities for us to improve our services.

Thank you to all those who participated in our research and provided valuable feedback. The findings have informed the work we'll do this year and help us understand how we can engage proactively with you on the regulatory issues impacting your sector.

For more information, see:

•    2021 Client and stakeholder research report (pdf - 9mb)