Education providers: Sign up for new Child Safe Standards updates

Sign up to receive new information and resources via email.​Schools, registered training organisations (RTOs) and other education providers will be required to comply with Victoria's new Child Safe Standards (new Standards) from
1 July 2022.

A Ministerial Order outlining how the new Standards will apply to schools and school boarding premises will be published in Term 1, 2022.

In 2022, the VRQA will publish resources to help education providers understand and comply with the new Standards.

All VRQA-registered education providers can subscribe now to email updates that will let them know when we publish new information and resources:

The actions schools and other education providers are already taking to keep students safe will help them comply with the new Standards. There are many similarities between the current Child Safe Standards and the new Standards. However, some new requirements mean that updates to child safety policies, practices and organisational culture will need to be made.

Before the new Standards commence, the VRQA will publish guidance material and run information sessions to help providers:

  • understand the new Standards and how to implement them
  • identify gaps between their current policies and procedures and the requirements of the new Standards.

The VRQA is also building a dedicated website providing resources and guidance on the new Standards for education providers.

To read the new Standards, and see how they compare to the current standards, see:

To learn more about the rollout of the standards, see: