Compliance monitoring: BAC apprenticeships and traineeships

Compliance monitoringOur authorised officers regularly contact and monitor apprentices, trainees and their workplaces.

VRQA authorised officers are currently conducting compliance checks on apprenticeships and traineeships that have commenced under the Commonwealth Government's Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (BAC) wage subsidy scheme.

History shows that incentives and wage subsidies sometimes lead a small number of employers to hire apprentices and trainees for the wrong reasons. In these cases, employers often do not provide their apprentice or trainee with suitable work, training or supervision to meet the requirements of their qualification. The VRQA has the power to investigate and stop employers who behave this way.

To learn more about your obligations as the employer of an apprentice or trainee, see:

We have the authority to cancel training contracts, and place restrictions on an employer's ability to hire and train apprentices and trainees. In some instances, employers may be required to pay back some or all of the money they received from the State or Commonwealth governments.

Where our investigations into BAC commencements reveal patterns of non-compliance in specific fields or qualifications, we may pursue targeted regulatory campaigns.

If you have concerns that an apprenticeship or traineeship is non-complaint, please contact us on:

The VRQA understands the important contribution employers make to the lives and careers of apprentices and trainees. We publish a range of resources to help employers understand and meet their obligations and stay compliant.

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