Our 2021 client and stakeholder research is underway

Client and stakeholder research We'd like to hear about your experiences and get your feedback about interacting with us.

Each year we commission research to help us better understand our clients and stakeholders. Our 2021 research surveys will soon be in-field and will go to:

  • schools and non-school senior secondary providers
  • vocational education and training providers
  • student exchange organisations
  • apprentices, trainees and their employers
  • home educators
  • our stakeholders across government and industry.

Wallis Market and Social Research (Wallis) conducts the research on our behalf. The research is your opportunity to have a say and help shape our regulatory services. Past feedback has helped us improve our communication and processes.

If Wallis does contact you, we want you to know three things:

  • the surveys are short – most take between five and ten minutes to complete
  • you and your feedback remain anonymous – Wallis and the VRQA comply with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014
  • participation is voluntary, but your support is highly valued and appreciated.

To read last year's research report and findings, see: