New Child Safe Standards

​New Child Safe Standards (Standards) have been introduced by the Victorian Government to better protect children and young people, and to support greater national consistency. The new Standards provide greater clarity and practical advice and come into effect on 1 July 2022.

Schools have until 1 July 2022 to comply with the new Standards.

The 12-month period from 1 July 2021 until 1 July 2022 is a transition phase during which schools must continue to comply with the current Child Safe Standards (including Ministerial Order No. 870).

Key changes in the new Standards include:

  • involving families and communities in the school's efforts to keep children and young people safe
  • greater focus on safety for Aboriginal children and young people
  • greater clarity on the governance, systems and processes that keep children and young people safe
  • specific requirements to manage the risk of child abuse in online environments.

To reflect these changes, Ministerial Order No. 870 will be remade later this year.

The new standards also apply to all Victorian post-school education and training providers, including TAFEs, registered training organisations and universities, that provide services to children. These organisations have until 1 July 2022 to transition to the new standards.

Our Child Safe Standards website has had minor updates to reflect the introduction of the new Standards. We are working to deliver schools and other organisations new resources in 2022.

The Department of Education and Training will also provide schools with guidance and training to support them to transition to the new Standards.

In the meantime, the Commission for Children and Young People has more information on the new Standards, see: