Workplace visits onsite and online

While Victoria is under restrictions to combat the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the advice on this page may not apply. For the latest coronavirus information, see:

‚ÄčThe VRQA regulates apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. As an employer of apprentices or trainees, you might hear from the Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services (VAFS), our regulatory field services provider.

VAFS officers, are authorised under the Education Training and Reform Act 2006 and act on our behalf to carry out checks to ensure both parties to a training contract are meeting their obligations. Checks performed by VAFS authorised officers are carried out by conducting onsite workplace visits or by conducting interviews over the phone. VAFS also checks in on the phone with apprentices and trainees to make sure they are appropriately supported during their apprenticeships and traineeships.

During 2020 COVID-19 restrictions meant that all workplace visits needed to be suspended and checks needed to be carried out entirely by phone. Onsite visits recommenced on 1 April 2021, however the lessons learned over the COVID-19 period provided VAFS with an opportunity to consider the different ways assessments can be done. Checks now include a blend of phone interviews and onsite assessments, depending on a business's individual circumstances and industry risks.

For more information about workplace visits, including what to expect from a visit and an employer checklist, see: