Online delivery for CRICOS students extended

The Minister for Education issued a Ministerial Direction to allow Victorian schools to continue using online and remote learning arrangements to deliver CRICOS school courses to international students.

Schools can now deliver online and remote learning to international students until the end of Term 2, 2022.

Under the direction, CRICOS schools can continue to deliver online and remote learning to existing secondary school age international students who:

  • are currently enrolled in a Victorian school but are offshore and unable to travel to Victoria due to any travel ban or restriction on incoming travellers
  • have entered Victoria for face-to-face learning but are in quarantine.

International students studying online must travel to Victoria for face-to-face learning when it becomes possible to do so.

The direction also states a student may continue studying unless their Principal or Assistant Principal forms a view that they are no longer suitable to continue receiving instruction via online and remote delivery.

Schools may also commence new students from Term 3, 2021 provided certain conditions outlined in the Ministerial Direction are met. These conditions include that:

  • students must have completed Year 10 or equivalent and be intending to undertake Year 11 in Victoria in 2022
  • Principals or Assistant Principals of CRICOS schools must conduct a videoconference interview with new students prior to them commencing online and remote learning to ensure they are a suitable candidate to receive it.
  • CRICOS schools must provide written advice to the student's family or legal guardian, including in their own language, stating that future travel to Victoria is not guaranteed
  • the student's parents or legal guardian must give fully informed consent to enrolment in writing.

We have prepared FAQs to assist CRICOS schools: