Home schooling: an update on the 2020 review cycle

Home schooling: an update on the 2020 review cycle​Our 2020 home schooling review program is continuing in 2021. We have now completed all submitted reviews. We will soon begin working with remaining selected families.

If you were notified that your family was selected for review last year, but haven't started it yet, we will contact you again in the coming weeks to arrange your review. We will ask you to choose between two options:

  • phone review
  • desktop (email) review

We don't expect you complete your review immediately. We understand you may require time to gather your thoughts and information. When we contact you, we will ask you to select a time to complete the review.

In the Client and Stakeholder Survey (pdf - 9.68mb) you rated our service highly, but told us that delays in communication about 2020 reviews caused concern for some families. We appreciate that feedback and have now improved our processes and put on more resources to address this.

If your family was selected for review last year and your review hasn't started yet, you can expect to receive your review outcome within two weeks of your phone call or final email  submission.

All families who have completed a review have successfully demonstrated that the requirements of registration have been met. We have never cancelled a registration a result of a completed review.

For more information about reviews, see:

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