Home schooling: Understanding the requirements of registration

Key things to understand and completeRegistering a child for home education carries a lot of responsibilities. While providing education to your child is a key responsibility, you must also take care of other regulatory requirements.

The following details key requirements you assume when you register your child for home education.

Ensure your child receives regular and efficient instruction

During your application, you are required to submit a learning plan that shows how you intend to give your child regular and efficient instruction. Once you are registered, you are free to implement the plan and make any changes necessary.

A new learning plan isn't required each year of registration. However, the requirement for regular and efficient instruction always remains. Our website and Facebook page include ideas that may help you meet this requirement.

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Notify us when things change

You are required to let us know if your contact details change. It is your responsibility to make sure we can reach you.

An email to the home schooling unit is all it takes to update your details. Our website includes an easy template to help you change your contact information.

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Let us know your plans each year

You are required to let us know your registration plans by 30 November each year. It doesn't matter whether you are continuing or cancelling your child's registration, you must tell us either way. Don't worry, we will contact you towards the end of every year to ask your intentions. You can meet this requirement by simply responding to our message by the due date.

Let us know if you cease home education

You are required to let us know if your plans change and your child stops receiving home education. You can meet this requirement with a simple email to the home schooling team.

You can find a full list of the requirements of registration on our website. Alongside each requirement, we have provided an explanation of how you can meet it.

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