Get to know our CEO

Jonathan KaplanJonathan Kaplan took over as CEO of the VRQA in December 2020. He joined our organisation from the Department of Education and Training, where he directed the Integrity, Assurance and Executive Services Division.

To help our clients and stakeholders get to know him better, Jonathan answered four questions about himself and his career.

What attracted you to the role of CEO, VRQA?

I believe in the Education State vision, particularly in quality, lifelong learning. I joined the VRQA because I think good regulation is key to the Education State outcomes. The VRQA helps make sure more Victorians have access to a world-class education, and the opportunities a good education creates. I wanted to be a part of that.

What past experiences will you be drawing on to improve regulation in the sector?

In my previous roles I've engaged with many external regulators and have experienced the review process from both sides. I understand what it's like to be reviewed. I believe mutual understanding and respect is a cornerstone of any successful regulatory relationship.

What's been your biggest learning since stepping into the role?

Learning the breadth of the engagement the VRQA has with learners, both directly and through the providers we regulate. We speak daily with schools, providers of vocational education and training, home educators, as well as apprentices, trainees, and their employers. I enjoy having contact with so many different clients and stakeholders across Victoria's education and training system. I also appreciate the responsibility involved in regulating a system that's complex and diverse.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities for Victoria's education and training system over the next 12 months?

Meeting the challenges that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented to the Victorian community. I know many clients and stakeholders are still facing difficulties brought about in 2020. There will be new challenges in 2021. It's my intention to listen and help where we can. If stakeholders across the education system continue listen to each other and work together during this adversity, I believe we can build a stronger system for everyone.

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