Our new engagement strategy

Engagement Strategy​Our 2021–22 Client and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy outlines our plan to engage with our clients and stakeholders over the next 12 months.

The plan has four priorities. These are:

  • use effective stakeholder engagement to underpin the activities we carry out under our strategic, statutory and Ministerial obligations
  • consult with clients and stakeholders to deliver positive provider and client experiences
  • use our evidence base to inform and improve our engagement activities
  • develop communication and engagement activities to improve sector compliance.

The plan sets down specific actions against each of these priorities, including greater use of:

  • data to inform our communications approach
  • digital media to improve accessibility
  • research to understand our clients and stakeholders' needs.

Effective engagement with our clients and stakeholders improves regulation, strengthens our services and advances our relationships. We understand that strong, reciprocal relationships generate insights and support for our services in the sectors we regulate.

To read the plan, see: