Webinars for school leaders: information sharing and family violence reforms in 2021

Schools will join the new framework and schemes in the first half of 2021.The Department of Education and Training’s (DET’s) webinars help school leaders operationalise and champion the information sharing and family violence reforms that commence next year.

The webinars help school staff understand:

  • the intent and purpose of the reforms
  • how the reforms support and enhance existing child and family wellbeing or safety responsibilities and practices
  • the role of leaders in overseeing how the reforms are adopted in their organisation or education setting
  • next steps and the supports available to leaders and workforces when they return to the workplace.

Six webinars are available every week during Term 3. To register, see:

About the reforms

In the first half of 2021, schools will join the Child Information Sharing Scheme, the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework.

The reforms will see professionals from authorised organisations and services share information with other professionals to promote child wellbeing and safety and reduce family violence.

Sue Higgins, Principal at St. Kilda Primary School, spoke to DET about how the reforms will make a difference.


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