COVID-19: DET advice for NSSSPs regarding workplace learning

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has advice for non-school senior secondary providers (NSSSPs) about structured workplace learning (SWL) or work experience placements during Term 2, 2020.

Students of NSSSPs can continue their SWL or work experience placements in Term 2 if the NSSSP’s chief executive officer is satisfied that:

  • its duty of care to students can be met
  • its obligations to provide for the health, safety and welfare of students as outlined in Ministerial Orders 723 and 724 are adhered to
  • appropriate health and safety measures are in place and are consistent with advice from the Chief Health Officer.

DET’s advice includes:

  • considerations for deciding whether SWL or work experience placement should proceed
  • alternate options to SWL or work experience
  • arranging recognition of credit for partially completed SWL
  • the process for cancelling or deferring a SWL or work experience placement

To read the full advice, see: