Coronavirus (COVID-19) and home schooling reviews

We understand the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting the home schooling environment.

If you’re randomly selected for review this year, it may take place at a time when locations are closed, activities are suspended, and your educational plans are highly disrupted.

That’s ok. A review doesn’t have to be about the ‘here and now’.

To show us you’re meeting the requirements and successfully complete your review, you can draw on activities from the past. Reflect on a time pre-covid and tell us about what you used to do and what you plan on doing once the restrictions are lifted.

We can't run information sessions this year because of social distancing requirements. Instead, we've created two presentations to explain how we are doing home schooling reviews this year. 

For more information, see:

We’ve also published COVID-19 home schooling FAQs for parents. To view the FAQs, see: