COVID-19: International and exchange student travel

We are pleased with the hard work of Victoria's international school education sector to make sure students are not left stranded after the introduction of travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exchange students

Victoria's 30 SEOs have diligently arranged flights home for students in Australia and abroad.

Twenty-five SEOs have returned all students to their home countries. The remaining students are still receiving help navigating travel restrictions and flight cancellations.

Several students have made particularly challenging journeys home, including:

  • two Victorian students on exchange in Italy who left just as borders closed, narrowly avoiding lockdown
  • two Victorian students returning from the United States, whose domestic flight was cancelled. Their parents travelled by car from Melbourne to Sydney to collect them.

Senior secondary students

In February, the Commonwealth Government announced that Chinese citizens who are international students in Years 11 and 12 could apply for an exemption to travel restrictions.

We have worked with the Department of Education and Training to help approximately 60 senior secondary students travel from China to in Victoria continue their schooling.

For more information about the exemption, see: