Providing evidence with your application

When submitting an application for registration, it’s important to include all necessary documents.

As well as your completed application form and learning plan, an application must include evidence of your:

  • child’s full name and date of birth
  • parental responsibility for your child.

Your child’s details

Acceptable evidence of your child’s full name and date of birth could be their:

  • Australian or overseas birth certificate or birth extract
  • Australian passport
  • citizenship documents
  • Australian visa documents.

Make sure your child’s name on the evidence matches the name you put on the application form. We are required to register your child under their full legal name.

Your parental responsibility

Your evidence of parental responsibility needs to be an official record. This could be:

  • your child’s birth certificate or extract (if it lists your full name as a parent of your child)
  • your family Medicare card
  • court orders that establish your parental responsibility
  • other official government records that recognise your parental responsibility, such as records from Centrelink or the Department of Health and Human Services.

Those who do not have evidence of parental responsibility (for example older siblings or a parent’s new partner) cannot be listed as the primary applicant on the application form.

If your name has changed since the official document was created, we may require evidence of your change of name, for example a marriage certificate.

Shared parental responsibility

If a court order that establishes equal shared parental responsibility is in place, both parents must consent to the child being registered for home schooling.

Show this by including:

  • both parents on the application form as applicant 1 and applicant 2 in Part A and sign the declaration at Part D of the application form, or
  • written consent from the other parent with your application.

If you have questions about our evidence requirements, contact us:

For more information about registration, see: