RTOs must be copyright compliant

Sourcing quality teaching resources is essential to achieving the best education outcomes. However, using this material without permission could place registered training organisations (RTOs) at risk of infringing upon someone's copyright and breaching the Copyright Act 1968.

Contrary to popular belief, education providers are not automatically allowed to copy up to 10 per cent of text and images for their teaching content without copyright permission.

As a RTO, it is your responsibility to ensure content used by your staff members and casual educators is licensed whenever relevant. This includes everything from textbooks to digital resources such as online newspapers and blogs.

To alleviate the time and resources necessary to get individual permissions, over a thousand RTOs have already secured a blanket licence with the Copyright Agency.

The Australian Government has appointed the Copyright Agency to manage the Statutory Education Licence, which allows educational institutions to copy and share text and images for educational purposes in ways that usually require permission.

These may be from any source or format including:

  • digital or hardcopy
  • Australian or foreign content
  • published or unpublished content.

They may include content from sources such as:

  • textbooks
  • research papers and surveys
  • newspapers and newsletters
  • reports and journals
  • websites and blogs.

It's quick and easy to apply to be covered by the Statutory Education Licence with the Copyright Agency and gain access to a host of Australian and international resources for your teaching content. 

To find out how, including about the payment structure for content users and creators, contact the Copyright Agency:

For more information, see: