Child safe culture research published

Insights gained from schools with child-safe cultures.New research will help the VRQA to develop resources and guidance to assist Victorian schools embed a culture of child safety, one of the requirements of Ministerial Order No. 870 – child safe standards – managing the risk of child abuse in schools.

The VRQA commissioned the research to gain insights into how principals, teachers, support staff, governing authorities and parents create a culture of child safety in their schools.

The schools selected to participate in the research have exhibited best-practice in achieving a culture of child safety and were drawn from the independent, Catholic and government sectors.

They approached the development of a child safe culture in a variety of ways that were tailored to their own circumstances and students. There were, however, common themes:

  • putting child safety into the voice of the child
  • having a ‘common language’ so staff discuss safety in everyday settings and children feel confident to speak up
  • integrating child safety throughout a school’s physical environment and organisational practices
  • allowing no place for complacency and identifying future challenges, for example social media.

The VRQA regulates the Child Safe Standards under Ministerial Order No. 870 which mandates a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to child abuse.

A school’s governing authority is required to:

  • develop strategies to embed a culture of child safety at the school
  • allocate roles and responsibilities for achieving these strategies
  • inform the school community about their child safe strategies, practices, roles and responsibilities
  • periodically review the effectiveness of these strategies and revise them, when needed.

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