Learning through cultural and religious events

You can address the learning areas by exploring cultural events. It can also be a lot of fun!Australia’s multicultural community celebrates and observes many cultural events.

Exploring some of these events in your home education program is one way to help your child learn about the world around them and their own or other cultures.

These events can also promote integrated learning that covers multiple learning areas.

An integrated exploration of a cultural or religious event could address:

  • humanities and social sciences - researching the history and origin of the event and the country of origin, attending community events in your local area, discussing cultural diversity
  • the arts - making a relevant craft project, watching and learning traditional dances or music, performance pieces explaining the origins of the event
  • English - creating a project or presentation about the event, reading literature about the event
  • information communication technology, and design technology - researching the event, creating models/projects/ICT presentations about the event.

Exploring why these events are important and how they impact the community can support your child’s development of critical thinking skills.

Where to start

Your local council or community centre, library or neighbourhood house are all great places to find information about cultural events in your local community.

You can also find lots of information online. The Australian Government has a comprehensive list of annual significant cultural dates that could spark further research: