Student identification for home educated children

Your child’s registration notice is their primary evidence they are home schooled.At some point, another organisation may request evidence of your child’s registration or student status.

Unlike mainstream schools, we don’t issue student identification cards (IDs). Here’s how your child can show they are a student.

Home schooling registration notice

We issue a new registration notice for each registered child each year.

The notice is an official document that demonstrates your child is registered for home schooling.

The notice includes your child’s details, date their registration commenced, and a statement that they are registered until the end of the year. For initial registrations, the notice includes any exemptions in place.

If you need a copy of the notice, tell us the name of each child you require one for, and if you would like it sent by email or post:

Some other organisations and government departments—such as the Department of Education and Training, and the Australian Department of Human Services—will accept the registration notice as formal evidence.

Others organisations, departments and agencies may require additional forms of evidence.

PTV School Student ID

Children registered for home schooling can apply to Public Transport Victoria (PTV) for a PTV School Student ID.

This ID is evidence of eligibility for concession fares on public transport in Victoria. Other organisations may also choose to recognise it.

Home schooled students’ applications for this ID need to include a copy of a current registration notice.

For further information, see:

Other identity cards

Various third-party ID services are available and might be useful to your child. These include:

Other organisations may choose to recognise these as proof of identity or eligibility for concessions and discounts.