How to cancel your child’s home schooling registration

If you’re starting a new chapter, tell us as soon as possible.If you stop home schooling your child, you need to let us know within 14 days.

This could be because your child:

  • enrols in a registered school
  • transfers to another full-time educational option (for example TAFE)
  • reaches the age of 17 and decides to stop home education
  • moves outside Victoria.

As a parent, cancellation is your responsibility. If you enrol your child in school, the school will not tell us on your behalf.

Make sure you’re confident you want to cancel registration before you do. If your child is enrolling in school, don’t cancel their registration until the school has accepted their enrolment.

If your child turns 18, you don’t need to cancel their registration. It will end automatically at the end of the year.

How to cancel registration

To cancel registration, send an email or letter with:

  • the full name and date of birth of every child who you will no longer be home schooling
  • the date of cancellation.

If you are cancelling by email, send it from the email address you gave us. This way, we know it’s coming from you.

If you don’t remember which email address you gave us, call and check:

  • 03 9637 2806

Send your cancellation request to:

What happens next?

We will respond with a notice confirming cancellation. This notice is your evidence of cancellation, which a school, TAFE or other organisation may request.

To protect your privacy, we will not send the cancellation notice to anyone else.