Home schooling activity in 2019 (so far)

Between 1 January and 30 June this year, we approved home schooling registration for over 800 children, and carried out 87 reviews. Below are a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to.

New registrations in the first half of 2019

992 submitted, 803 approved, 14 refused

We received 922 applications for home schooling registration and approved 803 in the first six months of the year.

We refused two per cent of the applications we received. This was typically because the parent submitted an incomplete application and did not respond to our requests for further information.

A small number of applications were withdrawn. The remaining submitted applications were assessed after 30 June.

Approved and refused: 12 days to notify; 1 in 6 applications initially incomplete; incomplete applications: 14 days to notify

On average, we took 14 days to notify applicants that their application was complete and their child was registered.

Approximately one in six applications was incomplete; they lacked enough detail to demonstrate the requirements of registration were met, or they were missing supporting documents.

This is a significant reduction in the number of incomplete applications we received compared to 2018.

On average, we notified parents about issues with their application within 16 days.

Reviews in the first half of 2019

353 families selected for review; 87 completed (14 per cent face-to-face, 40 per cent desktop, 46 per cent phone

At 30 June, we had completed nearly one quarter of the 2019 review program.

Compared to last year, a higher proportion of parents chose a phone review, rather than a desktop or face-to-face review.

For more information about the review process, see:

We publish quarterly registration activity reports on our website, as well as an annual information sheet about trends in Victoria’s home schooling sector. To access them, see: