The dos and don’ts of applications and learning plans

If you're applying for home schooling registration, follow these dos and don'ts to help you get your application and learning plan right the first time.

Application for registration


  • double check that you have filled in all parts of the application form, including ticking all relevant boxes for each child on the application
  • sign the application form (all applicants listed in 1.1 must sign the form). A handwritten signature is required – please do not type your name in this box
  • apply for an exemption if it is relevant, giving a brief explanation of why it is unreasonable for your child to receive instruction in that area
  • tell us if you will be travelling. Registration allows for travel, as long as you give a Victorian residential address and plan on returning here in a reasonable timeframe. Your travel experiences and activities may provide interesting and relevant content for your learning plan. If you will be outside Victoria for an extended period, please contact us to discuss.


  • forget to include all necessary attachments, including:
    • proof of birth date
    • proof of parental responsibility (please ensure the parent name on the document matches the applicant name on the application form – if there has been a change of name, additional documentation will be required)
    • a copy of a current court order (if applicable)
    • evidence of consent of both parents (if applicable)
    • a learning plan
    • evidence of a partial enrolment (if applicable).

Learning plan — Don't panic!


  • enjoy exploring your child's learning needs and developing the learning plan with an approach that suits your child's needs
  • use our templates if you would like a guide, see:
  • complete a separate learning plan for each child
  • give specific descriptions of the subject matter to be covered
  • tell us about your child's specific learning needs, styles, strengths and interests
  • include general details on when instruction will take place (a specific timetable is not required)
  • include details on where instruction will take place (main location plus some external places you may visit)
  • indicate specific materials and resources you might use in supporting your child's development
  • list how you will record learning outcomes (for e.g. photos, projects, journals, work samples).
  • contact us if you have any doubts about what to do:


  • feel you have to use a specific template or style for the learning plan – but DO ensure you include the required information listed above
  • rely exclusively on a generic downloaded curriculum for a learning plan – include content that is specific to your child's learning style, interest and needs
  • see the plan as inflexible or something that won't evolve
  • feel the learning plan will be used as a point of reference for the review – reviews are of your current learning program at the time of review.