What is GTO recognition?

Group training organisations (GTOs) are labour hire providers that employ apprentices and trainees and place them with ‘host’ employers.

We recognise GTOs that apply for recognition and comply with National Standards for GTOs (the Standards).

The Standards provide a framework to ensure GTOs operate ethically, with due consideration of the apprentice, trainee and host employer’s needs through the provision of quality services and support systems.

Before recognising a GTO, we audit it against three key elements within the Standards:

  • recruitment, employment and induction
  • monitoring and supporting apprentices and trainees to completion
  • maintaining a sustainable GTO which is well governed and administered.

There are 24 recognised GTOs providing apprenticeship and traineeship employment opportunities in Victoria. To view the list, see:

An organisation considering becoming a GTO should be aware of its potential labour hire licence obligations. For more information, see:

Getting recognised

GTOs can apply to the VRQA for recognition.

The application process involves audits of financial records and quality assurance against the Standards.

Once recognised, a GTO:

  • will be listed on our website and the GTO National Register
  • may be eligible for payroll tax exemption.

For further information, see: