New Guidelines for Student Exchange Programs

FrNew guidelines for Student Exchange Programsom 1 July 2019, new Guidelines for Student Exchange Programs will apply to VRQA-approved student exchange organisations (SEOs) and applicants for approval to operate a student exchange program in Victoria.

The new guidelines:

  • are easier to read and use to assess an organisation's compliance
  • align with the National Guidelines for the Operation of International Secondary Exchange Programs in Australia 2018
  • simplify the application process for registered schools wishing to operate sister-school student exchange programs.

The new guidelines were developed in consultation with SEOs and other stakeholders. They replace the VRQA guidelines, conditions and application form for the approval of overseas secondary student exchange organisations 2015.

Update: 16 August 2019

Updated guidelines with minor amendments commence on 1 September 2019. 

To download the updated guidelines, see:

For more information, or to access a previous version of the guidelines, contact us: