What happens after your home schooling review?

The next steps after a home schooling review will depend on how you chose to complete it:

  • Telephone or face-to-face: We’ll send you a summary, which is our written record of the review. To complete the review you must confirm that the summary is accurate, and add anything we have missed.
  • Desktop: We keep the documents you’ve submitted as our written record of the review.

All review records are confidential, and only accessible to our Home Schooling Unit. To protect your privacy, we don’t keep health information or photos of your children.

We will assess your review as quickly as possible, but it may take some time. We’ll contact you if we need more information.

While you wait to hear from us, please continue your child’s home education.

Once we have finished our assessment, we will let you know the recommendation we have made to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, who makes the final decision about whether you are continuing to meet the requirements of registration. Once decided, we will send you a written notice of the outcome.

In 2018, all reviews resulted in a recommendation and decision that the requirements of registration were being met.

If you have questions about the review process, contact the Home Schooling Unit: