Home schooling registrations and reviews in 2018

Last year we approved home schooling registration for over 1300 children, and carried out 242 reviews.

The snapshots below show our registration and review activity following regulatory changes that commenced in January 2018.

New registrations in 2018

Illustration of 1407 applications submitted, 1336 applications approved, and 15 applications refused. Includes a graph showing increases in the number of applications submitted and approved each quarter.

There were 1336 new registrations approved in 2018. However, because a similar number of registrations were cancelled by parents, the total number of registrations increased by 95 over 12 months.

We refused one per cent of applications received. This was typically because the applicant submitted an incomplete application and did not respond to requests for further information.

Illustration showing five days taken to notify applicants whose applications were approved or refused, one in four applications were initially incomplete, and six days taken to inform these applicants.

On average, we took five days to assess complete applications and inform the applicant of an outcome.

Of the applications we received 26 per cent were incomplete, meaning they had errors or insufficient detail, or were missing supporting documents. On average, we took six days to contact applicants if we needed more information.

To help parents submit a complete application the first time around, we have revised our application form and learning plan templates. For more information, see:

Reviews in 2018

Illustration showing 357 families were selected for review, and 242 reviews were completed. Of the reviews completed, 21 per cent were face-to-face, 54 per cent were desktop, and 25 per cent were by phone.

Each year, we randomly select 10 per cent of home schooling families for review. In 2018, this equated to 357 reviews. Most parents chose a desktop review, meaning they sent us evidence of their educational program by post or email.

No submitted reviews resulted in registration cancellation. Some families selected for review did not participate, and their registration may be cancelled as a result.

More data is available

Our annual information sheet about trends in Victoria’s home schooling sector is available and includes analysis of the size, age, gender, and location of Victoria’s home schooling population.

Quarterly registration activity reports from 2018, along with a downloadable version of this full year report are also available. To download the reports and information sheet, see: