Thanks for sharing – home schooling feedback

Home schooling feedbackThank you to everyone who provided feedback and shared their experiences in our 2018 client and stakeholder research.  

This was the first time our research extended to the home schooling community and we are thrilled so many of you took the time to complete the survey or talk to a researcher.

Here's what you've told us and what we're doing about it.

Application process

Of those surveyed who'd been through the application process, 76 per cent found preparing a learning plan very easy to easy. While that's a great result, it means around a fifth of home educators surveyed found preparing a learning plan difficult. As a result, we've worked with the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee to update our templates and adjust the application form to help families through the registration process.


Most appreciated our flexibility and empathy during the review process. Of those surveyed, 91 per cent rated us as good to excellent when understanding and accommodating home ed approaches or family circumstance. The findings show there was some anxiousness for families preceding reviews, but high levels of confidence afterwards.

Our performance

There were high ratings of our overall performance and our processes with 88 per cent agreeing our staff are courteous and helpful. Our guidance and support materials are well received, but there is an opportunity for us to enhance them. We'll be working on new resources over the coming months so stay tuned.

The feedback you provided and experiences you shared help shape our services and directs how we work with you. We look forward to implementing more of the opportunities for improvement highlighted in the report.

For an abridged version of our report, focussing on the home schooling findings, see:

To access the full client and stakeholder report, see: