New support for home schooling applicants

​​Whether you intend to follow a natural or structured approach, our new learning plan templates will help you document how you'll address the learning areas within your child's educational program. 

Subject-based template

The subject-based template helps you divide your intended program across the learning areas. It prompts you to outline resources along with the subject matter or activities proposed for each learning area.

The subject-based template is suited to parents who intend to follow a curriculum or structured learning approach. 

For a copy of the template, see:

Activity-based template

The activity-based template helps address the learning areas through educational activities. It prompts you to describe activities, list resources and consider which learning areas you may be covering as you work through the activity.

The activity-based template is suited to parents intending to unschool or follow a natural learning approach.

For a copy of the template, see:

The new learning templates were developed in consultation with the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee, and take in feedback we've received from home schooling families.

They replace 2018's structured and integrated templates and include examples that illustrate what we're looking for when assessing a learning plan.

Using our templates is optional. If you still have copies of the integrated or structured templates, you're welcome to use these as part of your application.

For more information, see:

Updates to the application form

We've also updated our Registration for Home Education Application Form to help parents submit a complete application first time round.

The new application form replaces the 2018 form and was developed in consultation with the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee, taking into account what you told us in our 2018 client and stakeholder research.

For more information about the application process, see: