New approved student exchange organisations

​We have approved three additional student exchange organisations (SEOs) to provide secondary student exchange programs in Victoria:

  • Scouts Australia
  • Students of the World Ltd
  • Mirboo North Secondary College

SEOs provide reciprocal programs that enable international school students to study in Victorian schools and Victorian students to study in schools overseas.

In approving SEOs, we assess whether they meet the requirements set by the VRQA Guidelines and the Child Safe Standards.

Registered schools should only accept exchange student enrolments from organisations on the list of VRQA-approved SEOs.

Schools do not need to engage an approved SEO to host students on short-term study tours or cultural visits where groups of students are accompanied by teachers or chaperones.

Registered schools can also apply to be approved as an SEO to provide reciprocal exchange programs with overseas sister-schools. For more information, see:

If schools are contacted by parents enquiring about outbound student exchange opportunities for local students, schools should refer them to the list of VRQA-approved SEOs.

To view the list, see: