VAFS workplace visits in 2018

​The ​​VAFS workplace visitsVictorian Apprenticeship Field Services (VAFS) checked in with nearly 3000 apprentices and trainees between September and December. As a result, VAFS officers made more than 300 workplace visits.

Key issues that VAFS officers focus on when visiting workplaces include the:

  • appropriateness of the work the apprentice and trainee is undertaking
  • equipment and facilities in the workplace
  • apprentice or trainee’s training progress
  • qualifications or experience of the supervisor.

VAFS also intervened in 20 disputes about training contract issues between employers and apprentices or trainees. Most of these were resolved during a workplace visit, or soon after.

Risk-based approach

In September 2018, we adopted a risk-based approach to monitor training contract compliance, provided by VAFS.

The new approach sees VAFS invite apprentices and trainees to answer a brief series of questions. Based on the level of risk indicated in their responses, VAFS may make a workplace visit.

The new approach minimises workplace interruptions, allowing the majority of employers, apprentices and trainees to get on with work and training.

To learn more about our field services model, see: