Expulsions reform in Victorian government schools

​​​​​Expulsions reform​Ministerial Order 1125 took effect on 16 July 2018, setting out the suspension, expulsion and appeal processes for government schools. The Order highlights the importance of procedural fairness when making decisions that affect the lives of young people through suspension or expulsion.

To support the Order, the Department of Education and Training has strengthened its policy and associated procedures for student expulsion in government schools. Policy changes focus on early intervention to understand and address the underlying factors that influence concerning student behaviours. The changes aim to keep young people engaged in education and make sure that appropriate protections are in place for vulnerable cohorts.

The reforms follow the Victorian Ombudsman’s 2017 investigation into expulsions in Victorian government schools and have a strong focus on using conflict resolution supports to manage a range of disputes which arise in school settings.

More information about expulsions and to access the revised expulsion policy for government schools, see: