Your students and home schooling

One in every 200 Victorian children is now registered for home schooling, so it’s increasingly likely that a student at your school will transition into a home schooling program.

Here’s what you need to know.

Registration and enrolment

Victorian children who are home schooled must be registered with the VRQA. Families should maintain their school enrolment until the VRQA approves their home schooling application.

We will notify applicants of an outcome within 28 days of a complete submission. We advise families to contact the principal if their child cannot attend school while their application is assessed.

We issue a formal registration notice to successful applicants. Schools should request to see the VRQA registration notice before cancelling a student’s enrolment.

The VRQA cannot confirm a child’s registration to schools directly.

You do not have to provide a transfer note for students who transition from school enrolment to home schooling.

Partial enrolment

Home schooling families can request a partial enrolment at a local school. Partial enrolments can be undertaken for specific subjects or activities such as sport, art, science, the NAPLAN test or for set days.

The Department of Education and Training's Guidelines for Partial Enrolment for Registered Home Schooled Students provides information to help you better understand the requirements and processes for partially enrolling a student.

More information

To access the guidelines or for more information about home schooling, see:

If you would like to discuss your school’s specific circumstances, contact the Home Schooling team: